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Carla Larochelle

Carla Larochelle CFP, CPCA   

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Carla has worked as an insurance and mutual fund advisor for the last 25 years. She obtained her Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP) in 1998 adding financial planning to her practice for the last 16 years. Carla came directly to CGL Financial from university in 1989. Her clientele extends from cottage country in the north to the Niagara peninsula and Waterloo regions of southern Ontario.

Her extensive clientele is a direct result of the commitment, dedication and moral obligation she extends to her clients each day.

"My clients are my business, my business life. It’s not just about the mechanics of financial planning. It is very much about helping my clients with the life planning challenges they will face from time to time and assisting them in the realization of what good money management habits can mean to themselves and their families. It is from that understanding that we establish plans and strategies to help them attain their goals and objectives."

In 2004 Carla added a CPCA designation to her growing list of qualifications. This specialty designation further enhances her effectiveness and abilities in understanding and meeting the needs of the elderly. Certified Professional Consultants on Aging (CPCA)s ® are professionals who have taken a comprehensive 24 module course about the health, social, and financial aspects of aging. Dr. John Crawford, VP Education, and a retired professor of Gerontology refers to the curriculum as "Gerontology 101 for business - taking cutting edge research and translating this into best practice for professionals serving the 50+." All CPCAs® must achieve a 75% or higher on a final exam and agree to abide by a rigorous Code of Professional Responsibility overseen by an independent Board of Standards. Since the beginning of 2004 in Canada, 3000 professionals have taken the CSA now CPCA training. 

Carla continues to hone her skills through ongoing industry related courses. Her commitment and belief in continuing education has allowed her to become a leader in providing her clients with information about pension reform, taxation and financial planning strategies.

Keeping clients informed is extremely important to Carla. She excels at helping her clients stay focused and disciplined while providing ongoing stability when life becomes uncertain. Carla maintains the philosophy that to be an excellent financial advisor she must not only meet her client’s expectations but exceed them as well.

"Wealth is more often the result of a life-style of hard work, perseverance, planning and self-discipline." - The Millionaire Next Door