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Rick Graham

Rick Graham CFP, CPCA  

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Rick Graham, a Financial Adviser at CGL FinancialRick began his career in 1973 at a time when financial planning was little more than a catch phrase. Over the years Rick has seen his practice grow tremendously. The technology available today allows Rick to provide real help to his clients who are serious about planning for their future.

"It may sound a little corny but I really believe that we are in the business of helping people add value to their lives by making some of the stress about money management go away. We do this by fostering a simple, honest and forthright approach to financial planning and investment strategies which will lead a client toward the attainment of their financial and lifestyle goals."

"It gives me a very real sense of pride and satisfaction to be able to take a client with a jumbled mix of emotions and uncertainty about their financial future and point them down the road towards a time when they can reap the rewards of the discipline and foresight needed to get them to where they want to be."

Rick has taken numerous industry related courses over the years and obtained his Certified Financial Planner CFP designation in 1996 and his Certified Professional Consultants on Aging CPCA designation in 2004. He continues to work hard to maintain an edge by keeping current on all matters pertaining to taxation and financial planning by attending ongoing industry due diligence meetings and conferences. Rick works out his office in Brantford Ontario and is fortunate to have an experienced and committed support group who make the job of servicing his clients so much easier. Also assisting Rick with the less glamorous tasks but none the less important is his wife Mary.

"Mary keeps us organized, which is pretty simple for someone who taught seven and eight year olds for some thirty three years. Mary’s commitment and willingness to help out is a fundamental ingredient to the functioning of our office."

Someone once said, "Find something that interests you and something that you love to do and you will never work a day in your life." Rick would agree with that and counts himself among the lucky ones who honestly enjoys what he does each day.