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Risk Management

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a versatile and powerful asset that creates non taxable cash and liquidity at a time when that is what is needed most. Read More »

Disability Insurance

Physical and mental disabilities are a very real fact of life that can be financially devastating. Protect yourself, your family, and your company with Disability Insurance. Read More »

Critical Illness Insurance

Getting sick isn’t something any of us like to think about. But it happens. If it does, thanks to improvements in healthy living and medical science, there is a good chance you will recover and get on with your life. Read More »

Travel Insurance

Arranging your Travel Insurance can be a complicated and frustrating experience. Should you make your choice based upon price? How do companies vary in how they deal with claims? What other criteria should you base your decison on?  Read More »

Health Spending Accounts

Each day, more and more Canadians are becoming annoyed and frustrated when their health and dental needs are not covered by their provincial or private insurance plan. Read More »