CGL Financial


Wealth Management

The folks at CGL Financial participate and contribute at many different levels towards the development of a Wealth Management Strategy. All members of our company are committed to policy design, consistent implementation and continuous monitoring of the integral parts of the wealth management process on behlaf of our clients.

Goal Setting

We believe that clients set their own goals. It is then our responsibility to help educate and encourage them in the process and to assist them in defining, quantifying and prioritizing these goals.

Cash Flow

We believe that clients need total return not just dividends or interest. In our view the traditional concept of an "income" portfolio is archaic and places unnecessary and inappropriate restrictions on portfolio design. Taxation can have significant impact upon cash flow. By definition cash flow should be looked upon as “what’s left over after the tax man gets his piece".  After all, the left over bit is what is used to buy the dream.


We believe that realistic assumptions with regard to return and inflation are critical in proper planning. Return requirements should be based on real rates of return i.e. those returns net of inflation. An investment plan should not be based upon unrealistic expectations. That is a recipe for dissapointment. More to the point an investment plan should be based upon what is necessary in the way of return to fund the financial goal. Is it really necessary to vie for a 12% return (and all of the potential volatility it may create) when a 6% return will do quite nicely? If necessary, we will refuse the engagement if what we perceive is an unrealistic objective.

Risk Tolerance

We believe that a client's risk tolerance is a significant constraint in the wealth management process. Success in this area can be measured by our client's ability to sleep well during turbulent markets.

Tax Constraints

We believe that tax considerations must be considered. The goal of tax planning should be to maximize after-tax returns, AND minimize taxes.

Measurement of Success

Success is not measured by performance statistics. So don't ask us what the average rate of returns are for other clients. Everyone is different; and so they should be. We believe that your success is in the achievment of your goals basrd upon your level of satisfaction and expectation. Helping you realistically manage those expectaions is also a part of our job.

We are contunally humbled but never surprised by the continuous referrals to friends and family members that we  receive from our wonderful clients. There is no greater compliment that can be show than when one of our clients "waves our flag". We do not take this lightly and are sincerely appreciative of that gesture of ongoing confidence in our processes and our people.